Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lulu Just Made My List

I've seen other folks on the 'Net complain about Lulu before, but I've never really had an issue with them...until now.

Oh sure, turnaround time on orders is ridiculous. Take my latest order, Issue 4 of Fight On!. Ordered it March 18th, just received it in the mail today. But I understand that we're dealing with print-on-demand technology here. The shipping costs are another big complaint. I can certainly sympathize. Even living in the U.S., the shipping added half again as much cost to the mag. But it's worth all the hassle to get a quality publication, right?

It sure would be--if Lulu had managed to send me the right book! Instead, I got a copy of The Ultimate Tattoo Guide: You Can Learn to Tattoo!. What made it worse was that the book was bound in the cover of Fight On! #4. Talk about bait and switch.

So now I have to get in touch with Lulu and wait a god-only-knows-how-long amount of time to get a properly bound copy of issue 4. In the meantime I guess I can teach myself how to tattoo...hmmmm...
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