Wednesday, January 14, 2009

State of My Gaming in 2009

This is as much a post to help me organize my ongoing projects as it is to present anything really coherent, so consider yourself duly warned...

So how are things shaping up for the new year in terms of my gaming hobby? Pretty well, I'd say. In fact, I do believe that I've got more projects simmering away than at any other time in the past. A regular old period of unbridled creativity!

On the "I play" side of things, my first BRP campaign that I'm running with Des is going along swimmingly. I'll write more in-depth about it in a later post, but suffice to say that the system is everything I'd hoped it would be and I can well and truly say that I've found the universal system of my choice.

My City State "AD&D" game looks to be going on indefinite hiatus owing to the simple fact that I found out this weekend that Alex, the main player in said game, is moving away in a little over a month! This is actually no big deal, as I from the start envisioned the campaign as a sort of "West Marches" type venture that could be played whenever and by whomever. It's just that I made the mistake of introducing a story arc in the last session, and then left things off on a cliffhanger (what can I say--old habits die hard), so I have to make sure we wrap things up before Alex moves.

Moving over to the "project" side of things, I've got two big ones that are progressing in fits and starts: my old Uresia/Labyrinth Lord mod, and my BRP Rifts conversion/overhaul. Again, I anticipate posting about both in separate posts in the near future.

So right now it's just me and Des for the tabletop "group". I'd consider sniffing around for a new player or two, but we ourselves may be moving this year--we'll know for sure around late March. So things are sort of in a holding pattern for now, which is fine by me.

Looking down the road, there are a few projects and games I hope to get to this year. There's a long-delayed Castle Falkenstein game that I'd like to run with Des, and this summer might just see me getting back in the ol' Pendragon GMing throne and attempting the Great Pendragon Campaign from start to finish. I'd also like to run some Burning Wheel, either using my venerable I.C.E. Robin Hood sourcebook or going whole-hog with a Lone Wolf/Magnamund conversion. Or both. :) And as of yesterday, another idea wormed its way into my brain: Spellcraft & Swordplay is the perfect ruleset for a Carcosa campaign! Brilliant! In my version, there would be only one class, and I'd use the Fighting-Man from OD&D rather than the Warrior from S&S. And I might retool the AC values to be descending rather than ascending, if only to make conversion work easier. But otherwise, I think the Chainmail-inspired mechanics of S&S make for a perfect fit with the gonzo-grim atmosphere of Carcosa.

It's sort of funny to have so many D&D-inspired games ongoing and in the works, since I've always considered myself more of a generalist. I guess that's just how things are working out this year. No doubt it's in large part due to the passing of so many Old Masters of the hobby last year. But that now reminds me of the Ninjas & Superspies game I've been wanting to run ever since Eric Wujcik passed...which I'm sure I'll be even hotter to do once I go see Never Too Young to Die at a midnight screening in a couple weeks.

My one big resolution for this year is to cut back on gaming-related spending, unfortunately. In these uncertain times, there's much to be said for hoarding as much of a nest egg as possible, and gaming has long been a siphon on my wallet. By this point I've got more material and potential projects to keep me occupied well into the next decade. The economy might be in the toilet, but things have never looked more exciting from a gaming perspective!
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