Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Need Another FRPG Like I Need Another Hole in the Head

I've got a couple actual substantive posts (as opposed to simply embedded YouTube videos) in the pipeline that I've been meaning to put up, but it's "deadline time" on the work project I'm currently involved with, so time's been a bit sparse of late. Things are finally clearing up, and I can once again get back to the important things in life, such as grousing about games I want to buy but probably shouldn't.

(Could it be something more than mere coincidence that Zachary the First over on RPG Blog II just posted about gamer ADD?)

At any rate, as I said in my comment to Zachary's post, I've largely quelled my personal gamer ADD demon, but occasionally it does rear its ugly head. The latest incident was inspired by a post over on Mike Mearls' LJ, in which he asks about this Dragon Warriors RPG that's now out and available. Now, as the subject of this post might indicate, I'm really, really not in the market for a new FRPG. I mean, I just put together my uber "AD&D" folder, for the love of Pete! And yet, when I saw this comment:

If you like things like the TSR UK output of the 80s, the old Robin of Sherwood TV show, or the movie Dragonslayer, it's more than worth your while.

...I pretty much had to restrain myself from instantly ordering the damn thing.

I love me some 80s British fantasy. As much as I love old school pulp fantasy, I have to say that the real special place in my heart is reserved for the imagery that came out of the Lone Wolf game books, or movies like Time Bandits. So this sounds like it's pretty much right up my alley.

Apparently a PDF of the rulebook is "coming soon," so I may compromise and pick that up. At the very least, I can justify the purchase from a Gestalt level, and just use the setting. (Not that I'm necessarily in the market for a new FRPG setting either!) Sort of depends on how much of the book is setting and how much is rules. Judging by the character sheet, it looks like a fairly "rules lite" system. We'll see, we'll see.
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