Thursday, October 23, 2008

Globe o' Mystery

So in my semi-regular Rifts sandbox campaign, I had an incident occur to cap off the last session. Basically, Alex's intrepid Cyber-Knight accepted a mission from a Native American shaman to travel through a rift which granted access to the basement of an evil sorcerer's tower. In said basement was an Item of Power (TM) that the shaman thought it would be best if said evil sorcerer didn't have access to.

So Cyber-Knight hops through, grabs the Item, which happens to be a crystal orb about the size of a soccer ball, and is immediately waylaid by the sorcerer's gargoyle guards. The rift is shutting, so C-K throws the orb through, the shaman catches it, and the rift closes for good. We left off with the C-K having dispatched the few gargoyle guards in that room and pondering how he was going to sneak out of the tower unnoticed.

SO. The reason I'm posting about this is that I want to have that orb show up as a sort of recurring McGuffin over the course of the campaign--and I'd like to come up with a suitably gonzo idea for what exactly the orb is.

I'm going to follow Doc Rotwang!'s advice and do some brainstorming, and my first step in that direction is putting this out in the Interwebs to see if any of my esteemed, erudite readers would like to offer up any esteemed, erudite suggestions of their own. If I end up using your idea, you win my thanks and a place in my collective gaming memories.

To recap, it's a crystal orb about the size of a soccer ball. I described it, in the few seconds the PC was holding it, as "appearing to contain a whole miniature planet," but that could easily be hand-waved away as merely an illusion or trick of the light, or as perhaps one facet of the orb. Furthermore, note that the PC did hold it, and tossed it into the hands of the shaman, so clearly whatever its powers or other properties may be, they are not activated by touch. And remember, this is a gonzo science-fantasy-anything-goes-magic-meets-technology setting, so don't feel constrained by such petty concerns as reality or continuity.
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