Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gaming Hillbillies

So as I wrote about in my last post, Alex and I formed a two-person "group" for over two years in high school. Not only that, but we didn't really know any other gamers, let alone game with them. So suffice to say we were a bit, uh, isolated from the gaming community, especially as this was in the days before the World Wide Web and all. Our only real connection to the world of gaming at large was through Dragon and White Dwarf.

This led to some rather funny peculiarities. The most obvious of which was our strange "dialect" that we developed. That is to say, whenever we ran across a word that was new to us, either because it was game-specific or because it was via a game that we were exposed to an existing, arcane word, we'd do our best with coming up with a pronunciation. Some of the best of the worst:
  • Illuminati: We pronounced this as ILL-oom-ih-nuh-tie. Note the hard "i" at the end. We actually got called out on this one by a snotty game store employee when Alex asked if they carried the Steve Jackson CCG of the same name. I think that's when I first started to realize that we spoke in a gamer hillbilly dialect.
  • Attribute: This was all Alex, actually, but for a year or two there he pronounced it the way you do when you use it as a verb, as in, "I attribute this to the bad weather."
  • Gargant: If you're an old hand at Warhammer 40K or Space Marine (or Adeptus Titanicus for that matter) you know that this is the Games Workshop term for Space Ork giant mechs. I'm still not entirely sure, but I imagine it's pronounced as if it was short for "gargantuan." For some reason, though, our teenage selves chose to go with "gar-GENT." Still not sure why, really. Or, for that matter, if we were actually correct on this one all along.
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