Monday, August 4, 2008

Those crazy players of mine

In my ongoing Pendragon campaign, we have a couple characters who are "retired". It's important to keep track of how they're doing, however, and so every Winter Phase they make their aging rolls, skills increase, and annual Glory accrues.

Now, one character has renounced his knighthood and currently is making a living secreted away in a hamlet in the mountains working as a blacksmith. So in addition to gaining a skill in blacksmithing (and losing a truckload of Honor), I recommended the player put his annual bonus points into increasing his Piety trait, as it's still rather low despite the fact that he has a Religious Bonus (and the fact that the Wastelands will be spreading soon and a high Piety score is a Good Thing).

So anyway, I emailed that recommendation to said player, who emailed me back and said he should be gaining an automatic increase instead, since his current circumstances are like penance that's purifying his soul.

Points for creativity, that. I emailed back and said I'd give him a yearly check in Piety but also chided him for being such a blatant min-maxer. To which he responded, and I quote, "Y'know if i didnt try to squeese every single advantage out of you it would mean i didnt care about the campaign!"

Can't argue with that, I guess!
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