Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Campaign Idea

A review was posted over on Jeff's Gameblog for a pretty nifty-looking WWI flying ace RPG. Since I've been in love with that era since I was young, I pretty much have to check it out.

After reading the review I headed out to run a couple errands. On the way back, as my mind was wandering, a single image popped into my head, around which a whole campaign arc manifested itself:

"When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth."

Hell fills up during the First World War, sometime in 1917.

The earth cracks and corpse-demons pour forth from No Man's Land. The opposing forces must put aside their differences and fight the new threat that swiftly threatens to overrun all of Europe. The demons run the range from mindless zombie grunts to fiendish corpses that spew mustard gas from their mouths, to giant flying behemoths (picture a combined "Flying Circus" led by Richthofen and Rickenbacker flying towards a 200' tall corpse-angel made up of thousands of dead servicemen...). They can only be purged by fire, so suit up your flamethrowers and load your airplane MGs with incendiary rounds!
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