Monday, June 9, 2008

Erick Wujcik

Via Trollsmyth, it looks like Erick Wujcik has passed away.

The announcement of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis last fall brought a torrent of well-wishers and fans out onto the various blogs and message boards, and I was among them. Mr. Wujcik's games were some of the earliest I ever purchased or played.

Unlike many who have praised his work, my fond memories are not founded in the Amber Diceless RPG, but in his work for Palladium. Many an afternoon as a young adolescent was spent in the worlds of ninjas, superspies, and mutant turtles.

My Palladium phase passed around the same time my Zeppelin phase did, but last year I dusted off Ninjas and Superspies and ran a short campaign for my group. And we had a blast (how could we not, what with a group consisting of a genetically-modified gorilla on the run from the US Army, a rogue demon from the Nine Hells who had taken the form of a young girl, and a cybered-up KGB assassin?). Erick Wujcik had that rare talent of being able to make his enthusiasm shine through whatever project he was working on, to make it rise off the page and infect the reader.

Like many, as a sort of tribute I ran a game of classic D&D the week Gary Gygax died; perhaps it's time to dust off Ninjas & Superspies once again...
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