Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Emerald Knight: Another D&D/Uresia Class

Uresia, being inspired in part by anime and console RPG conventions, boasts a corps of knights wearing magically-fueled power suits. These "Emerald Knights" roam the land, protecting the weak and innocent and fighting evil wherever they find it. In their emerald-powered mecha-armor. I love this setting.

This is the conversion I'm most unsure about. The Emerald Armor should be powerful, yes, but how to design it in such a way as to not outshine other characters?

In the end, I used the "Glitter Boy" rationale: sure, it's a powerful suit of armor, but it's still just an item. The character can't be in it at all times, it can break down, etc.

Also, like the Glitter Boy, we now have a fantastic new class for solo or small group D&D play, something that's lacking in the core rules (I'm not a big fan of running more than one main character at once--entourage play is one thing, but I'm all about "one character per player").

[ETA: Thanks for the feedback so far! I've made some changes, indicated in bold.)

Emerald Knight

Prime Requisite: Strength and Charisma.
Other Requirements:
Dexterity 9 or greater and Constitution 9 or greater. Must be Lawful.
Experience Bonus:
5% for a Strength score of at least 13, 10% for a Charisma of 13 and a Strength of 17.
Hit Dice:
1d8 per level with Constitution adjustments up to 9th level. Starting at 10th level, +4 hit points per level and Constitution adjustments no longer apply.
Maximum Level:
Armor Allowed:
As fighter (plus see below).
Saves: As fighter.
Attack Advancement: As fighter.
Weapon Mastery: As fighter.
As fighter. (plus see below).
Special Abilities:

  • The Emerald Knight is granted his own suit of Emerald Armor upon reaching 3rd level. Prior to that point, the Knight is considered a squire, and usually wears conventional armor--low-level knights may by issued with "loaner" suits under extremely extenuating circumstances.

  • Emerald Armor: when wearing Emerald Armor, an Emerald Knight (and only an Emerald Knight) does special damage, gains the Acrobatics ability of the Mystic, and may Climb Walls as a Thief of the same level. The Knight may also Charge, as described on RC154. Furthermore, the Knight's AC improves by 1 every three levels after 3rd (6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th) up to a maximum of -4. See "Emerald Armor" under Equipment for more details.

  • Emerald Knights may employ Fighter Combat Options and Set Spear for Charge (but NOT Lance Attack) as Fighters.

  • At 9th level, the Emerald Knight may choose to either attract followers as a Fighter OR function as a Traveling Knight, as described on RC18.

  • An Emerald Knight must assist anyone who asks for help—with two exceptions: He does not have to help evil characters or achieve evil goals, and if the Knight is on a mission for a higher authority, he can offer only a small amount of help (such as sheltering or advising the person in need of aid), along with an explanation for his refusal. Assistance never involves donations of money or items, but only service for a short time.




































This magically powered suit of armor has an AC of 0--it is effectively Suit Armor. They may not be used in combination with a normal shield (see below). Damage from all area effects is reduced by 3 per die rolled. A special visor protects the wearer from gaze attacks.

Due to the armor's size, the wearer may not ride a mount; however, the armor's magical compensation allows the wearer to march all day without fatigue, and only encumbers the wearer as chain mail.

It takes 4 rounds to suit up, or 2 rounds to get out of Emerald Armor.

When worn by an Emerald Knight, the suit does special damage:

  • The Knight may wield a special sword and crystal shield. The sword does 1d10 damage. The shield does not grant any further bonus to AC, but the Knight automatically takes half damage from any spells or attacks (such as fireball or dragon's breath) that allow for a save for half damage (in addition to the damage reduction granted by the suit). If the Knight makes his save anyway, he takes a quarter damage.

  • The Knight may opt to wield a special two-handed sword and no shield. In this case his damage is increased to a roll of two d10 dice, with the highest roll between the two being counted as damage.

Fighting with any weapon not specifically designed to be used by the suit is at -4 to hit and -2 to damage. This goes for magic weapons as well. Note that there are enchanted blades designed to be used by Emerald Armor, but they are exceedingly rare, counted as sacred relics of the Emerald Order.

If the Armor's battery is destroyed or burns out, encumbrance goes up to 1,000 cn and the user can only operate the Armor for 5 combat rounds before becoming fatigued and unable to continue.

Suits have a limited lifespan--their emeralds eventually give out and need to be replaced. After one year of regular use without access to a certified Emerald Armor mage-tech, the DM should roll percentile dice once a month to check for emerald burnout. There is a 1% chance of burnout if the suit is powered by Dreed emeralds; this chance increases to 5% if the emeralds are Laochrian.

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