Sunday, June 8, 2008

Couple thoughts on 4e races

Nothing substantial, mind. Just a couple observations.

Under the heading "Play a dragonborn if you want..." the very first bullet point is "to look like a dragon".

This made me chuckle, imagining the following dialogue between a player and DM during chargen:

Player: "I'm not really sure what race I want to be. I don't know, I'd like to look like a dragon if possible..."
DM: "Brother, have I got the race for you!"

I mean, I can see it being on the list, but the first item? Like this is something that frequently comes up in discussion? Or that was the primary reason for including the new race in the the PHB?

"Oh lord, if only there was a race in which I could look like a dragon!"

A lot of people are expressing their shock and alarm at the eladrin's fey step ability, some even going so far as to proclaim it "broken". I'm more shocked and alarmed that they decided to include two elf races in the core book. What up with dat? Clearly we're dealing with one or more elf fanboys on the ol' 4e "development team".

The fact that the gnome was bumped to make room for a second elf-type just adds insult to injury...
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